Immortal Dog Reopens!

Hi there! After 1 year of hiatus, Immortal Dog has now reopened! Due to the shop rental, we could only afford to operate online at this moment. But please be rest assured that we still supply quality dog products as we usually did :)

Credit: Thanks Shelly for supplying this cute Pomeranian Husky Mix photo!

You can browse our catalog of products here. Thank you for your support and god bless :)

Where To Shop

I feel like I may have let a few of you down. I know some of you found out we closed by showing up at the store and seeing the dark, empty space. Know that I didn’t want it that way. I wanted to see all of you before I closed the doors. You are all like family to me and it was the hardest decision I have ever made. It continues to be hard as I work through the emotions of losing Immortal Dog and my favorite people and their pets.

I should have written this sooner. I wanted all of you to have a seamless transition to another pet supply – with someone who cares abut you as much as I do. That did not happen. I am sorry.

Your pets health is very important to me. I want you to get great customer service. I want you to enjoy shopping at your next pet store.

p/s: Immortal Dog is re-opened!!